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Chakra Juice Cleanse

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Why juice? Why fasting? Abstaining from solid foods we can address the impact of accumulated stress and toxins on your overall health, allowing a regenerative and recalibrating process to take place in your body.  Spring time is the perfect time to release and renew.  To begin again, clean and clear.  Everyone’s reaction to juicing/fasting is different, which is another chance to listen to your body. I'll give safe options on Day 1 for those that may need additions to the cleanse.  Some people experience diarrhea while others experience constipation.  Regardless, you’ll be going to the bathroom a lot with all the water you’ll be drinking.  It’s best to have no hard plans while cleansing, but a lot of rest is recommended.    

We will be meeting for 5 days, Saturday through Wednesday.  The weekend sessions will be from 9a-1p.  The weekday sessions will be from 6-730a. You will be provided your morning and afternoon juices and you will be responsible to make your own veggie broth for your evening "meal". I will encourage you to drink between 80-100 ounces of water a day.  We will practice yoga twice on Saturday and Sunday, once Monday through Wednesday.  Along with meditation, visualization, journaling/contemplation and specific activities for each chakra.


Lighten Up 5-Day Cleanse :  $450

Weekend Only 2-Day Cleanse : $250

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