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"From the moment I met Melissa at the yoga studio, as a teacher, I knew she was special.  Her energy was warm and intent for every student, approachable and generous.  I became a "groupie" and was on a journey of growth.  I came into a moment in my life where I was faced with a personal challenge, a challenge that impacted my life and made me realize how close death and loss can be.  I needed support to move on and to continue my journey of family.  I didn't know about Reiki, never even heard the word.  However, with Melissa's guidance, support and energy I was able to continue on my path, be healed physically and emotionally.  I share this with you because Melissa's spirit is special.  She has a gift and generosity, gives humbly and it feels like she is on the planet to touch lives.  She has touched mine and my family's, and now our growing family.  I want the world to know how much I have learned and grown.  I have become humbly blessed through her teachings." 

-Janette A.

"Melissa is a big part of my magical journey in yoga and in life.  She lead my teacher training and that training changed my life.  She helped me to become a better version of myself.  Her teachings inspired me to look more inward while she's kicking my butt during our power flow!  She helped me release everything that is weighing me down.  I experienced the most amazing time when she guided me through a chakra meditation.  My vision was very clear, it was the first time I ever meditated in my life!  I envisioned a lot of things that actually came true in the future.  It all happened within 3 years.  It's so crazy, I can't explain it but you have to experience it through Melissa.  She has this magic inside of her that will really lift up your soul! 

I didn't really believe in meditation until then.  My life has been changed forever.  I really got into meditation, thanks to Melissa.  Thank you for sharing your talents and energy.  We need more of you in this world. "

-Merryl B.

"I first took one of Melissa Mae's classes right after finishing my first yoga teacher training and she quickly became an instructor I aspire to be like.  She provides her students with a safe and accepting space to practice and gives amazing cues and assists to help you deepen your practice.  No matter what level you are at, Melissa challenges her students, but frequently reminds them to check in with themselves and modify when needed.  She is an instructor who values connecting with her students on and off the mat and always knows when to crack a joke to make harder postures more tolerable.  I always walk away from her class with a smile and some nuggets of wisdom to take with me off of my mat.  11/10 would recommend practicing with her."

-Catherine D.

"Melissa has been my teacher for over 5 years now.  From the moment I took her first class I knew I wanted to continue to learn from her.  Her ability to get you to sink into the practice is amazing.  She knows what music to play for the moments throughout the session and really creates a flow that can be challenging and encouraging all at once.  Thank you for always creating a space for me when I need it."

- Lyli G.

"Yoga has been a main part of my life since I moved to the US, going through such a big change it helped me to stay grounded and connected to myself.  After years my practice grew deeper and so did my love for it.  Yoga has been there in the good times and bad, it has become a necessity on my daily life. 

During these difficult times, I found more than ever the need to keep my practice, and thanks to Melissa I have found a way to practice my yoga when I need it the most.  Melissa has been a wonderful teacher, since we met.  We immediately connected and I love everything about her.  From the way she tailors classes to her students needs, to the things she has to say, she has a huge heart, always cares about the world and life around her.  Melissa has taught me so much more than yoga poses.  I am so thankful for that.  

Melissa's yoga class is fun and creative, it has a graceful flow and once you do a class with her you will want to come back again and again."

-Carolina O.


"I know there are a lot of online classes but none have Melissa's wonderful demeanor, humor and calming energy which makes the class like no other!"

-Amy G.


"Wonderful flow to get you in your body and soul.  Melissa's cues are spot-on and her sequences are amazing.  Loved it and the inspiring words peppered throughout.  More please!"

-Tricia C. 

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